Monday, 27 September 2010

Coggins checking in. Crikey Moses, it’s been a while since the blog was updated, but we’ll try to keep it ticking along with regular posts from now on.

I was only in the garden for an hour or so on Saturday, so I mostly focused on tidying up. The butternut squash plants, while not producing very much actual butternut squash, had snaked a good five metres away from where they were supposed to be and had started interfering with the herbs, so they got a taste of the clippers.

There were a few things to be harvested, so I got to take home a nice bag of stuff.

I was pretty amazed to find four garlic plants growing when the carpet was off! They’d been forgotten about and covered up for a good few months but had still managed to grow. They were looking a little anaemic but hopefully they’ll be alright when they’re left uncovered for a few weeks.

There was a massive amount of worms in the soil when we were turning it over, so that’s a good sign. I’m going to work out what should get planted this week and then get it in the ground next weekend.

Today involved a bit more effort. We lifted up the carpet that had been covering one of the unused beds and gave it a good forking over.

The stone and pebble harvest from the patch was bountiful.

The last thing we did was weed and rake over the area next to the path, and we discovered some comedically small potatoes. No idea if they’re edible, so if I never update this blog again, you can assume they weren’t.