Thursday, 5 May 2011

What happens when you don't do the garden for 5 months....

... the things that should grow don't and the things that shouldn't grow do. Or, everything just grows. and grows. and grows.

So, we have nettle battles again! Never mind - nettles are great - pretty easy to get rid of, and so many uses.. Looking up recipe for nettle soup/cordial/wine/tea/salad right now. And apparently where nettles grow, so do vegetables, so we should get a hearty crop this year!

There's a fair amount of clearing still to be done but the fruit bushes and strawberries are coming along just lovely. At least some of the garden is able to look after itself.

Ash gets ready for weeding....

... while I jump up and down on the compost heap.....

....and break it

Finally we're done - we've done a good amount of tidying, and seen to it that the nettles don't take over the whole place again. Mint is in abundance (mojitos, anyone?) and although the chard probably can't be eaten now, that garlic looks yummy!
Until next week.....


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